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It's pretty dirty business

「浅野 凜」 Asano Rin
Name: Asano Rin
Canon: Blade of the Immortal
Player: Val lanoyee
AIM: Kikoujutsuka
E-Mail: yumejin[at]gmx[dot]net
Crit Post: Here.
kannagara_rpg, languishment

BY THE LOVELY, GLORIOUS dementiamorphea!
all the questions, all the sparkles, allen walker, anotsu, badassery, being the mature one, doa, doing the ninja thing, ethics, evading vincent, extorting flowers from kanda, facepunching, failbroing, fangirling, fooling checkpoint officers, golden wasps, having subtext with everyone, homicidal loli bffs, hyakurin, iskierka, kanda yuu, kissing manji, kutoneshirika, manji, meguro gau, missing parents, not burning rabbits, not demon chickens, not unicorns, playing vincent like_a_fiddle, prison breaks, reasoning with dragons, revenge, selectively applied morals, setting people on fire, setting things on fire, storming edo castle, topping allen, trolling kanda, trying to top anotsu, tsuntsun, unconscious manipulation, wondertwinning, working through trauma